Chimney Inspection – “holes are us”

During an inspection in Blakely we found that this fireplace insert and chimney had some serious issues.

  1. There was no positive connection from the exhaust outlet on the unit to at least the chimney flue. (It should be a liner all the way to the top of the chimney) The reason this is a bad idea and not up to current standards is because creosote can fall and build up on the top of the unit.
  2. Someone drilled holes in the metal firebox of the fireplace for some reason. This alters the way the firebox functions and can present risks.
  3. Notice the dead animals on the firebox floor, this could have been avoided by installing a chimney cap.
  4. The top of this chimney also is experiencing deterioration due to not having a proper crown installed. Remember, water is a chimneys enemy.

This is a common item on our inspection reports:

The crown / wash cap of the chimney is not constructed in a way that properly protects the chimney. The crown should be constructed with concrete. It must have an expansion joint around the flue tile. It should overhang the main structure to allow a drip edge to protect the chimney. A properly made crown will help protect the chimney from water intrusion and damage.