Service Pricing

Prices do not include tax and are subject to change. These are starting prices. Prices may vary depending on the scope of work. Before any work is done our technicians will discuss why it will cost more and make sure you agree to the price increase.

SWEEPS/SERVICE (Sales Tax Additional)Base Price
Masonry – Fireplace Sweep$235.00
Factory Built – Fireplace Sweep$200.00
Fireplace Insert (wood stove) Sweep$200.00
Free Standing Wood Stove Sweep$200.00
Pellet Stove Sweep (no unit cleaning)$175.00
Pellet Stove Sweep w/ Unit Cleaning$275.00
Coal Stove (coal stoker self feeding) Sweep – NO UNIT CLEANING$175.00
Coal Stove (coal stoker) Sweep w/ Unit Cleaning$275.00
Oil Furnace/Boiler Sweep$150.00
Gas Furnace/Boiler Sweep$150.00
Dryer Vent Cleaning (under 6ft)$95.00
Dryer Vent Cleaning (over 6ft)$125.00
INSPECTIONS w/ emailed reportsBase Price
Masonry Fireplace Inspection$160.00
–Sweep along with the inspection$75.00
*Includes additional flues in fireplace chimney
–Inspect additional chimney(s) each$75.00
Factory Built Fireplace Inspection$125.00
–Sweep along with inspection$95.00
Gas/Oil Appliance – Chimney Inspection$125.00
–Sweep along with inspection$65.00
Wood Stove – Chimney Inspection$125.00
–Sweep along with inspection$120.00