Pellet Stove Sweep

There are several types of venting systems for pellet stoves? Do you know what kind you have? Masonry Chimney? Pellet Vent pipe sticking out of the side of your house? Or Pellet Vent pipe running vertically?

We will conduct a level 1 inspection on the system. Pellet vents are different than most other wood burning applications so the inspection first approach is difficult until we get there. So no need to talk about that first. We will sweep if we can and explain things on site to them.

Pellet Stove Sweep (vertical chimney/vent) (no unit cleaning)$270.00 + tax
Pellet Stove Sweep (vertical chimney/vent) w/ Unit Cleaning$385.00 + tax
Pellet Stove Sweep (horizontal vent) w/ Unit Cleaning$270.00 + tax

NOTE: If the inspection fails for safety reasons (i.e. deteriorated flue) we can not sweep the chimney.

Does that sound good to you?