AI – Factory Built Fireplace Sweep

Ok, thanks. We service a lot of fireplaces like yours. How long has it been since you last had it inspected?

They probably will answer never, or chances are they had a very basic inspection at some point. Now we’re going to help them see the importance of an annual NFPA 211 based inspection.

Before we sweep a fireplace chimney we need to inspect the entire system. We use our camera systems to get a good look at all the internals and accessible areas of your system.

This way we can make sure there are no hidden dangers, and we’ll document all our findings for you.

If it turns out your chimney doesn’t need to be swept you only pay for the inspection. The inspection is $235.00

If your chimney needs to be swept and it’s fit for use based on our inspection, it will be an additional $70.00.

Remember we don’t just sweep a wood burning chimney, it must be inspected by us first. If they refuse the inspection we won’t be servicing the chimney. Try to build the value and importance of the inspection. It’s a safety issue.

NOTE: If the inspection fails for safety reasons (i.e. deteriorated flue) we can not sweep the chimney.

Does that sound good to you?